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Total Freaks!

'At every opportunity these liars construct a false and defamatory image of sexuality. Pat Robertson says "oral sex is against nature." Anti-family-planning educator Father John McGoey tells a Human Life International Symposium that "there is absolutely nothing loving about sex. Lust is as destructive of love inside of marriage as it is outside." James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family, castigates "sex experts who say abstinence but mean anything goes." The American Family Association charges that school systems are "reshaping children's attitudes and behavior toward hedonism, heterosexual as well as homosexual." '

They are the ones obsessed with sex. They also consistently ignore science. Abstinence only education has been proven not to be effective in preventing pregnancy, HIV & STDs among teens. Focus On The Family is a radical right wing powerhouse that must be shut down!

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