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Dobson & His Friends

Are these the friends you would keep if you were anti-racist?

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence connecting James Dobson with people who were against repealing segregationist language from Alabama's constitution and who have spoken at white supremacist rallies.

Gil Alexander-Moegerle was a co-founder and for ten years was senior vice-president of Focus on the Family. He is now speaking out about James Dobson's racism in his book "Dobson's War On America." Alexander-Moegerle says that he overheard Dobson say, "You know, that's the very same thing about the fact that blacks are genetically intellectually inferior to whites and we could document that if anybody would do that research. But you can't get that research done because that is politically incorrect."

James Dobson founded the Family Research Council. The president of that organization, Tony Perkins was fined for paying a KKK leader for their mailing list and spoke in front of a white supremacist group. - The Nation Magazine

Dobson is a loud vocal supporter of Roy Moore (the Alabama 10 Commandments judge), and Moore's aide, Tom Parker (Dobson's former State Director). Roy Moore and Tom Parker were both against removing segregationist language from the Alabama Constitution.

Parker (Dobson's former State Director) is seen here wearing a confederate flag next to white supremacists. He has been known to distribute confederate flags at rallies.

"Giles was aided by a virtually unparalleled Alabama celebrity in his battle against the amendment, distributing testimonials from former chief justice Roy Moore, whose fame was sealed in 2003 when he defied a federal court order to remove a two-ton granite Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court. They were joined by former Moore aide Tom Parker, who handed out miniature Confederate flags this fall during his successful campaign for a seat on the Alabama Supreme Court. " - Washington Post

On an evening when Jews were celebrating the second night of Passover, Dobson claimed, "The biggest Holocaust in world history came out of the Supreme Court" with the Roe v. Wade decision. On his syndicated radio show nearly two weeks earlier, on April 11, Dobson compared the "black robed men" on the Supreme Court to "the men in white robes, the Ku Klux Klan." - The Nation Magazine

"Tolerance is a kind of watchword of those who reject right and wrong... It's a kind of desensitization to evil of all varieties. Everything has become acceptable to those who are tolerant." -James Dobson

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