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October 29th Demonstration Ideas

Hi Everyone!

Use this space to post your ideas for our protest against the "Love Won Out" conference to be held October 29th at 88 Tremont Street. A planning meeting will be announced in the near future.

Some of my ideas: Picketing, Non-Violent Direct Action, Interfaith Prayer Circle, Flyering/Outreach, Speeches.


Boston Bud said...

I have a couple of suggestions. Have big signs with pictures of GLBT people and quotes from them about how they are happy with themselves since a big part of the ex-gay movement is that gays & lesbians don't want to be who they are. Also take their own name "Love Won Out" and show same sex couples who have gotten married and the year they have been together.

I would also recommend you touch base with They are a great resource for all issues dealing with the ex-gay movement.

Mark D. Snyder said...

Below is a link to photographs from another protest against Love Won Out: