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The TONE of Sunday's Demonstration...

Dear Friends,

Sunday's demonstration has been getting a lot of attention. The editors of BayWindows and InNewsWeekly have encouraged folks to join us. Be sure to thank them!

I want to remind everyone that our first demonstration is not about protesting the Baptist Church. This Sunday is about kindly asking them not to hold this conference, and exposing the hateful lies spread by Focus On The Family.

I urge all of you who attend to be warm and kind to the congregation of the Tremont Temple Baptist Church.

Ask them to hear your personal story. Tell them how much you appreciate the history of their church. Ask them what they know about "Love Won Out" and FOTF.

All of that said, I assure you our tone and actions will change on October 29th, when Focus On The Family rolls into town.

In the spirit of compassion,

Mark D. Snyder

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