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former hrc spokesperson: stop endorsing republicans

Wayne Besen (former spokesperson for HRC, creator of Truth Wins Out, and author of several books) has come out against endorsing Republicans.
Bipartisanship looks good on paper, but the disastrous consequences that
have come from this strategy cannot be papered over. If we help give Republicans
a slim majority by endorsing and helping to reelect our so-called friends, the
reception to our agenda on Capitol Hill will continue to be quite unfriendly. - read more


John Hosty said...

I have thought for a while that republicans have a "hooray for me and the hell with you" attitude, and I think it is unAmerican. They try to use gays and the religious against each other to create division, and that is very treterous. I do not believe they think about what is best for all, nor do I think they care about our country. I swear it seems to me like the Aluminati have taken over, and we are about to be plundered.

Jesse Kanson-Benanav said...

Yeah, I completely agree Besen. There is no way I could ever support a Republican on any ground, even if they are a pro-equality, pro-choice, candidate who wants to tax the fuck out of the rich to support Medicare, Social Security, etc. As long as someone identifies and helps build up the party of George W. Bush, et al, they don't get my vote!

And not just Repugnants. Why in the HELL would HRC endorse Joe Lieberman for re-election? Clearly Lamont is a viable candidate.