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reilly aides help killer coke smear patrick

The Boston Globe has uncovered e-mails between the Reilly campaign and "killer coke," an organization, or rather one man who pretends to be an organization, that claims to tell the truth about coke. Is Reilly engaging in a swift-boat style attack as other lefty blogs suggest?

I have problems with most corporations as large as coke, and I do believe there is some truth to the horrific crimes that coke is connected to in Columbia.

Deval claims to have quit his job at coke because they did not investigate these issues enough. It seems as though Deval made a moral choice to quit working for Coke.

What a total waste of time for Killer Coke to focus on preventing Deval from being governor considering they claim to represent union workers! Deval has the most union endorsements does he not? Deval no longer has any involvement in Coke. And he will ultimately enact the most progressive legislation of any of the candidates.


Jon said...

There is more on this in this week's Phoenix editorial, "Smearing Deval Patrick."

alan said...

Mark, aren't you a socialist? (I don't mean that as an insult, I think I've seen you say it yourself.) If so, seriosuly, how can you support this guy? Saying that he was hired by all these companies so that he could "Fix" them is such a cop-out. They all make billions, I don't think they want to be "Fixed," they're pretty happy the way things are. Deval made millions off of some of the most ruthless, republican corporations in the world, and he's getting a free pass from the far left b/c he's a minority and a charismatic speaker. I don't care how good a speaker he is, he's made millions off the backs of vulnerable poor people, and I can't say the same for most of his opponents, certainly not Reilly.

Mark D. Snyder said...


Just like I do not subscribe to one religion, I do not subscribe to one line of political thought. My spiritual beliefs are most inline with buddhism I would venture to say and my political beliefs usually socialist sure... But when I have the choice between a democrat and a republican I will of course choose the Dem - that goes for any decision that I have to make.

Given the realistic options we have, I think Deval is the best choice for Governor. I won't give him a free pass. Ultimately I still believe and I hope that when it comes to enacting legislation he will be the most progressive.

By no means do I put all my hope and faith in him as one man to turn this state around. That has to be done by the people.

Sandouri Dean Bey said...

at the risk of hearing alot of "don't throw your vote away" rhetoric, what about grace ross (green/rainbow party)? the more people that support her, the better chance we have of breaking the two-party system (and making the democrats more responsive to progressive voters).

i know that deval is the best short-term solution. i also believe that the sooner the two-party system is broken, the better things will be in the long term. voting third party is part of a larger strategy, part of a larger vision of a future without the two-party system. it means making sacrifices in the short term.

just food for thought.