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Middle East Issues Reach LGBT Community

Leslie Feinberg offers an in depth analysis of the crisis in the MIddle East and the controversies surrounding World Pride.
This political struggle regarding Iran and Palestine takes place within the
context of a burgeoning battle between imperialism and the countries of the
Middle East that are resisting its demands to surrender their sovereignty and
right to self-determination.
Those who argue that Islam is the problem and
that pressure from the imperialist democracies—who have historically arrayed
their forces under the banner of Christianity—is the solution are lining up with
the oppressor in this war, not the oppressed.
It was colonialism and later
imperialism that imposed anti-“sodomy” laws—a term that comes from the Bible,
not the Quran—from Africa to the Middle East, from Asia to the Americas, in its
effort to restructure social relations in these countries to its economic
interests. Read More >

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