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He Pushed Her contacted the reporter eye-witness to the attack on Ms. Loy at the same-sex marriage rally in Worcester.
"I was able to witness what was clearly an assault and battery." - Richard Nangle, reporter for the Telegram & Gazette. It looks like there will be a solid case against Larry Cirignano, executive director of the Boston-based Catholic Citizenship Group.

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Tom Lang said...

Hi Mark,

For historical reference, KnowThyNeighbor contacted Rich Nangle the day before BlueMassGroup and confirmed that he was an eyewitness and was intending to testify in the criminal hearing. Nangle's quote to KTN which we posted was, "This was the most disgusting thing that I ever saw."

But what we have not addressed here so far is why the police did not provide a safe environment for Sarah Loy and protesters on both sides? This together with the beating to the ground and ambulatory removal of a gay protester at the Nov. 9th concon (again with no police "involvement") is to me something to be discussed.