The Latest pink pride!

Below are some photos of the members of the Ask Tell Act Coalition and its endorsing organizations. The coalition marching contingent included Boston May Day Coalition,, Unite Here! Hotel Workers, Stonewall Warriors, Boston Bio lab opposition, Gay &Lesbian Labor Activist Network, SEIU 509 Lavender Caucus, and SEIU Eastern Region Lavender Caucus. In addition there were many people marching in the parade as a whole who wore pink in opposition to the pride theme, and in support of our mission to spark broader discussions about war, racism, transphobia, classism, and other issues. Over 500 armbands were distributed between the Dyke March & Pride Day. Most of the youth from BAGLY wore hot pink t-shirts in support. They gave their extra shirts to our coalition as they passed by. Theater Offensive was pink to the max! Many Unitarian Universalists and other religious groups wore our pink arm bands.

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