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Thursday June 7th

7:30 PM

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church

(corner of Merrimack Street & Kirk Street)

Downtown Lowell

Early Saturday morning, James “Jimmy” Nickola was the victim of a hate crime while walking down the street in Lowell. Jimmy was brutally assaulted by three individuals. The attackers shouted homophobic slurs while nearly tearing off Jimmy’s bottom lip. Hate crimes affect more than the individual who is attacked, they affect the entire community.


Anonymous said...

Why is there nothing in baqywindows about this today? Where is the outrage?

Anonymous said...

innewsweekly did not report on the hate crime either.

jnickola said...
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jnickola said...

Its almost old news now but something has been bothering me about this. Your community needs to choose their limelighters a little more carefully. I am Jimmys brother and he is an awful candidate for publicity. He is addicted to cocaine and heroin and has been to prison numerous times for bank fraud (he and my father share the same name.) He has easily robbed more than 100 000 over the past ten years from family members, namely my father. It is awful what happened to Jimmy but he has torn our family apart at the seems on numerous occasions and I think any of you could understand the absolute ?hypocrisy? I see in his fifteen minutes when Little more than a month ago I had to physically restrain him from beating and robbing my father. My two cents. Perhaps some good will come from all of this but the irony is far too much to handle.