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G8 and Other analysis on Venezuela

Hey guys:

I know we are focused on Pride now, but let's not forget the other struggles taking place around the world. Especially, if you have time, take a look at some deconstruction of the recent anti-Chavez spin in the US.

For more analysis from a pro-Chavez perspective, see:

Also remember the G8 protests taking place in Germany.


Julia_1984 said...

If you guys "actively speak out against racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and other forms of injustice"., should consider this Venezuela and Chavez issue from a non- pro chavez perspective.
Please, do not follow the logic of "the enemy of my enemy its my friend". Because Chavez is not good and fair just because he's against Bush. If you ask me, both Bush and Chavez are leaders who are causing a great harm to the world, and specially in my case, to my country.
PS: Im venezuelan and I dont speak english, excuses for the grammar and spelling mistakes you might find on the lines above

Trevor Wright said...

There is so much that is polarized by liberal media, that people feel that Chavez is a hero. I'm actively working on challenges to that point. You will see the post soon.


Mark D. Snyder said...

Um what liberal media? I am not aware of any liberal media in this country right now...

All the American media has filtered and spun Chavez information and the links Brian provided are among the very few pro-chavez persepectives I have seen.

I also do not think many people view Chavez as a hero.

You are believing Fox news again Trevor.

Look up Chavez on Wikipedia. They talk about both sides, his failures and his accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

i get hundrds of tv stations and radio stations and i have never heard anything pro-chavez on them . thank you brian for showing us hard-to -find information from the other side regardless of if we agree or not!

i challenge trevor to name a single liberal media source, and then one that has ever made pro-chavez comments or analysis!

trevor said...

That was a miss statement.

To echo Julia, the 'enemy' of our 'enemy' is our ‘friend’ is something we need to be careful of.

There are many problems I feel and see with a leader having too much power.

Mark, please don't think I believe anything of fox news... your my roommate you know better than anyone that I don't even watch that.

I do not know enough on Venezuelan politics. I hate when I talk to friends and they are Pro-Chavez and they don't know Venezuelan politics.

With that said, Chaves has done some amazing things and he is setting an amazing example for the world around literacy and poverty.

This is complicated for me. There are clams of human rights abuses around interrogation tactics, and censorship issues.

No leader is perfect.

Mark D. Snyder said...

ok now we can agree.

Bolivia Rising said...

those interested can read an article i wrote about gay and lesbian rights in Venezuela here

VENEZUELA: Struggling for gay and lesbian rights

Brian Rainey said...

Hi guys:

Perhaps the term "pro-Chavez" was a bit strong, but I think it's important to defend his government against attacks in the US media (you know--the media that supported the undemocratic coup against his government while now sanctimoniously lecturing people about democracy).

No Chavez is not an ideal leader. His reforms are fairly moderate actually and I would like to see him do even more. I do, however, think that the "Chavez-as-dictator" propaganda is a way to delegitimize his government AND some of the anti-neoliberal policies he has enacted. It's not just a matter of being pro-Chavez because he's anti-Bush, but supporting a symbol of Latin American resistance to neoliberalism and the US.

I also think that Chavez's victories have created an environment where Latin Americans can feel confident to go even further than he has in resistance.