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Queertoday Radio/ Podcast ?

We have been playing with the idea of creating a new media for queertoday. We would like any input for the best way of doing this (computer programs, equipment, web sites?). Please feel free to comment on ideas or leave any information that might be helpful.


Anonymous said...

I would love a podcast, especially if you were able to take a mike out and do soundscapes at queer events. Pride is coming, and so is the concon (for local flavor). If you do a podcast, please make sure to have the volume loud so people can hear it on the subway.
You are a hero, btw.

Mass Marrier said...

Over at Left Ahead!, we did the efficient or lazy thing, depending on how you look at it. We went with Blog Talk Radio. We wanted to start immediately without equipment and the three of us are pretty far apart, enough to make it a deal to sit in the same room.

First a con is that everyone calls into a Staten Island number -- we use our cell phone's for free minutes here. Otherwise, it's peachy keen.

BTR is free. One person logs in by computer and clicks up to four others into the call at a time as they come on. They let you chatter for up to 90 minutes. Other folk can listen to the live stream or within a half hour or so, listen to a stream or download any of three formats.

I've been grabbing the podcasts as an archive, but they store for free, so I'm not exactly sure why I have them. BTR lists the past five, but if you look at our site, you can see links to all our shows in our archives. These stay active.

Subsequently, we have bought a mic and interface with podcast software (Podcast Factory for $99) and shall likely use it. Meanwhile, BTR it is.

Mike (massmarrier)

Trevor Wright said...
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Trevor Wright said...

Thanks Mike, I'm going to look into it all and figure out a format and what not. That was verrrrry helpful!

Anonymous- thanks :)

Mass Marrier said...

Oh, I had forgotten. I know a guy who gets real clear podcasts from his Olympus WS-100 digital voice recorder. I see it discounted for $70. He already had some sound editing software, but that's cheap. He particularly likes this model because it has a good stereo mic built in and when you pull it in half, it exposes a USB plug to transfer your files to a laptop or desktop. Supposedly it has over 20 hours of recording capability. He has recorded a couple I've heard and they're fine. It is more convenient than my Podcast Factory, which requires a laptop to record.