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Big Pharma Week 2007: Big Pharma, Big Bucks!

Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Clip from the documentary...

July 16, 2007: It's (Drug advertising) an almost uniquely American phenomenon. Only one other country in the world -- New Zealand -- allows drug companies to market their products directly to consumers. All others deem it too dangerous. However unusual, marketing drugs to consumers has become a huge business. Since 1997, when the FDA relaxed the rules on Big Pharma's television marketing, drug advertising surged to $5.3 billion in 2006, up 14% from 2005, according to TNS Media Intelligence. Ad spending in the pharma sector grew faster than that of any other industry among the top 10 spenders, including autos and telecom. And the three most heavily advertised drugs -- Lunesta and Ambien CR for sleep, Cymbalta for depression -- were approved just in the past three years. Read the full article at >
What do you think? Should the LGBT media ban drug advertisements? Should LGBT non-profits stop taking money from Big Pharma? Does Big Pharma $ influence advocacy decisions of AIDS organizations? Should Boston Pride ban Big Pharma?


Anonymous said...

CNN are hypocritical drug pushers.

They are promoting toxic, lethal, highly addictive pharmaceutical poisons 24/7, while continually demonizing Cannabis (which is 100% non-lethal and virtually non-addictive).

CNN = Pharmasluts-R-Us.

Hypocritical DRUG PUSHERS.

Mark D. Snyder said...