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Chuck & Larry: Racist, Sexist, Anti-gay and GLAAD Approved

In "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry," actors Adam Sandler and Kevin James pretend to be domestic partners to get certain benefits (the plot doesn't even make sense). To me the most offensive thing about this movie is that Rob Schneider plays an Asian wedding chapel owner. And there is a running joke that Chuck is the "woman" in the relationship. GLAAD and point out some of the problems, but are quick to praise Sandler for his positive portrayal of gays in the past, and for the movie's "good intentions." To the credit of AfterEllen, they conclude by calilng it "forgattable crap." Click Here for GLAAD's Bull Shit Review. Click Here for
This is an over-the-top comedy that conveys a strong message of equality. - GLAAD's Damon Romine

GLAAD has been pissing me off ever since they hired their Republican Executive Director.

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