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Big Pharma Week: Rumsfeld's Gilead

The Public Patent Foundation is asking the US Patent & Trademark Office to review the patents for Gilead's HIV/AIDS drug Viread. Viread is the drug that Gilead promoted at Latino Pride this year. We reported that they collected names and addresses of attendees in exchange for free t-shirts. You see, drug companies use a myriad of tactics to extend their own patents and delay the availability of patents of other companies, particularly generic drug manufacturers, so that they can charge outrageous prices with no competition.

"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will not allow anyone other than Gilead distribute certain AIDS drugs in the United States because Gilead claims the four challenged patents give them the exclusive right to do so." - pharmalot But advocacy groups have a different take on the matter. "Every person suffering from HIV/AIDS has a right to get the best medical treatment science can offer, without any unjustified impediments placed in their way," said Dan Ravicher, Public Patent Foundation Executive Director. "This includes Americans infected with HIV/AIDS, who are entitled to the best pharmaceuticals possible without undeserved patents making them exorbitantly expensive." Click here for Public Patent Foundation's full report on Gilead>
Source: Pharmalot

It is time for the LGBT community to ban Big Pharma from our events and publications.

More... Is the industry is targeting LGBT teens with dangerous anti-depressants and corrupt non-profit organizations by hosting a "white party?"

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