The Latest Big Pharma Week 2007

Big Pharma Week 2007: Side-effects of QueerToday's Big Pharma Week may include an uptake in knowledge, bursts of outrage that could cause one to protest or ask probing questions, increased procrastination, increased excitement that could result in unexpected urination, and paranoia. For more information about Big Pharma Week, ask your doctor if he takes money and gifts from drug companies.

From Sunday July 15 through Sunday July 22 I will be focusing my blogging on the pharmaceutical industry. Each day I will be posting links, videos, commentary, and other fun stuff. If anyone would like to write a guest post about this issue, please contact me at

And now for a teaser of what is to come... take a look at this Simpsons spoof on Big Pharma, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

And speaking of the Simpsons... check out this take on the Apu controversy!

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Blue-Xela said...

Go Mark!

This issue definitely needs a lot of attention.