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Article Hate: A Small Group of Crazies.

Photo: Brian Camenker, leader of Article Hate Alliance, protested Members on September 18th.

On Sunday Sept. 18th demonstrated in front of the Tremont Baptist Church to publicly ask them not to host the anti-gay conference produced by Focus On The Family.

Unfortunately we were unable to have our usual meaningful loving conversations with the congregation because about 5 Article Hate Alliance members came with cameras/video cameras and stood in front of us in an effort to intimidate us.

The members of Article Hate snapped photos and videotaped us non-stop. A member from Article Hate asked me why were harassing the church. I calmly informed her that holding signs was not harassment but getting in my face with cameras was.

Article Hate would like you to believe that queer people are obsessed with sex. They were fascinated and obsessed with our sex lives.

One woman from Article Hate insisted that I must be attracted to women because so many men in our community want to be women. She also insisted that I was sexist if I was not attracted to women. After stating these two comments to me, she ran like a little school girl over to her leader Brian Camenker to tell him that she had won an argument with me. Earlier I overheard her telling Brian Camenker that it was obvious the homosexuals in schools were doing this - "just look how young they are!"

A man, who may not have been with Article Hate but was there to protest our presence, reminded me several times that it was a shame that I could not enjoy vaginal sex. He used a c word that I keep forgetting that means vaginal sex...? I had to ask him what it meant! He then informed me that he enjoys anal sex with his wife, and that he is glad he gets to enjoy more kinds of sex than I do.

Yet another man insisted on asking me about my sexual relations with my boyfriend. He asked us repeatedly if we were monogamous, if we planned on getting married, etc. The same man then informed me that I was trying to be my own god by picking and choosing beliefs that fit my lifestyle. I have no idea what that meant. I wish I could be god so I could poof him into a drag queen.

Jesse Sullivan of brought up another good point: "Brian Camenker is also known to compare queer activists to the Nazi’s. I have to wonder what version of history Brian has been taught and what he is teaching to his children. Thankfully his children are able to receive a public education where they will learn what the Nazi’s were really like, that GLBT people were also massacred in the camps."

The members of Article Hate are so crazy you could videotape them and produce a Saturday Night Live Skit without the need for actors.

The more Article Hate is exposed the more people can see how insane and misguided they are, which can only be good for us.

We will continue to protest Focus On The Family and the Love Won Out Conference.

Please join us and the anti-war Oct. 29th Coalition on October 29th for our MASSIVE Protest against Focus On The Family & The Radical Right-Wing Agenda.


Anonymous said...

When you pick and choose what's right for you, from many religions, you aren't letting a "higher power" define your morality. You are defining your morality. Again, it was nice to meet you. I'm sorry you felt the need to slander me on your post. Perhaps in time you will understand where I'm coming from.


That Guy You Didn't Understand Named Tyler

Anonymous said...

I STILL don't understand what you mean dude.

Here's what I believe since you are so interested. I believe in a higher energy that flows through all living things. I believe that higher energy can be accessed in a variety of ways: art, meditation, prayer, song, through time in nature, etc.

I grew up in a mountain. I feel God, or that higher energy, in nature the most.

I believe in compassion. I believe in making sure everyone is treated equally. I believe in helping each other out. I believe in working hard to reduce suffering in the world.

Focus On The Family supports George Bush who launches racist violent wars based upon lies. Focus On The Family tells parents not to raise feminine boys. Focus On The Family sends young people to gay conversion camps which have been proven ineffective and refuted by the American Psychological Association, Psychiatric Association, Medical Association and Counseling Association.

The additudes and messages coming from FOTF are misguided. James Dobson has some very interesting friends as well, if you look in our archives you'll see the kind of people he hangs out with.

Why not just accept everyone for who they are? Why not make sure everyone has equal access to health care, jobs, housing, etc.? Why do you care who I have sex with? Why do you care if I protest against homophobia?

I appreciate that at least you are sane enough to engage in a real conversation (unlike the article 8 folks), so I will take the time to reply to your posts.

Anonymous said...

W/R/T your belief in God, you aren't too far off from where I was at your age. I can understand that.

W/R/T me caring about who you marry, etc., what I care about is protecting the sanctity of marriage, just like I care about protecting the sanctity of life. Abortion, divorce, adultery, homosexuality, abuse, alcoholism - I consider all of these to be issues that need to be addressed in society. You may agree with me on all but two of those. I'm not going to win the "why I take my stand on homosexuality" debate here on a blog. No need to engage it, since I obviously view you as a valuable human being, a treasure, and a very intelligent, very reasonable person.

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...,2933,169653,00.html

Gay penguins break up. Do you hear me now ;) !

Andrea said...


If we aren't allowed to "pick and choose" what parts of spirituality and morality are important to us, why are there so many ways different ways and means to worship God? Essentially, we're all worshipping the same God--Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. I think that if God wanted to be worshipped in only one way, there would only be one religion for all of humanity.

--The "Sympathizer"

Anonymous said...

God is not confused. The different religions have different views of the very nature of God. For instance, in Islam, you are told you must convert, or be an infidel. In Christianity, one comes to the cross by free will by the grace of God. A theological debate would not play out well as a comment to a blog, however. I've e-mailed Mark, and he can give you my addy if you want to talk about it more. Otherwise, I have no issue with you continuing on with what you believe. All I can say is that I have found, in my in-depth analysis, that all the world religions can not possibly be talking about the same God. If that were so, as I said, God would be very confused. The Bible teaches that Satan is the author of confusion, not God.

Blessings, and it was nice to meet you, too, Andrea!

Anonymous said...

I think we're the ones who are the confused ones, because God doesn't come on TV and give us a speech each year to let us know what he's up too.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? You mean I'm the only one that gets GSTV (God Speaks TV)???

But seriously, he wrote a book...a love letter even! Check it out, it's the most popular book in the world for the 5th century in a row! Woohooo!


Steven Keirstead said...

Mark D. Snyder wrote "The members of Article Hate snapped photos and videotaped us non-stop. A member from Article Hate asked me why were harassing the church. I calmly informed her that holding signs was not harassment but getting in my face with cameras was."

I support your right to protest on the public sidewalk in front of Tremont Temple Baptist, and that is not harrassment in any legal sense. Neither, however, is Article 8 members photographing you or asking you questions. The sidewalk is a Public Forum, and they have as much right to be there photographing or protesting as you do. Photography is a 1st Amendment protected a means of free speach, just as protest is. Please see and

Anonymous said...

I understand the righ to take photographs and I do not think that article8 broke any laws.

However it was clear that they were there for the sole purpose of intimidating us and getting very close to us with their cameras. That is the point I was trying to make.

John Hosty said...

The simple rule is this:
Religious viewpoints are best left to be determined by the individual. Make no laws that create a situation where someone's else's religious views are forced upon somone who doesn't agree them. As well as being a sacrement of religion marriage is also a civil action that entitles people to many rights, and is a gateway for seeing Gays as equals in our community. Individuality is a quality that promotes progress. People who spout religious doctrine stating that marriage is sacred forget how much marriage has changed just in the last hundred years from when it was chattle. When women married they were property,so how far back do we want to turn back the hand of time? You cannot stand in the same river twice because the river is constantly changing. Change is nature's way not terrany.