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October 29th, 2005

Homophobia: SHUT IT DOWN!

7:30AM: 88 Tremont Street. Large-Scale Protest against the anti-gay conference by Focus On The Family. Show up to protest the start of James Dobson's/Focus On The Family's "Love Won Out" Conference that aims to "prevent and cure homosexuality." Let the world know It's OK To Be GAY!

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11AM: Massive Protest. founder will emcee and speak at the huge anti-war rally on the Boston Common. We'll then march in solidarity with the anti-war movement through the streets of Boston. The march will stop and create a massive protest against the Love Won Out Conference and Focus On The Family's right-wing agenda. QueerToday will lead the crowd in chants.

Action Endorsement: October 29th Coalition, Stonewall Warriors, International Action Center

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marty kennedy said...

I am planning to be at the protest and am forwarding information to a circle of my friends. I am shocked that the Tremont Temple would consider hosting this horrible event, their site states: "we stand against all of those forces that cause pain, loneliness and alienation. With our Lord, we proclaim a gospel of freedom." I plan to write to the Pastor. I am an ostensible 'straight' suburban guy...but I am bisexual, married, etc...but I will appeal to him as a repressed minority and call him to remember the tenets of his own faith and his abode. Shocking. Tremont Temple was instrumental in the civil war.

Marty Kennedy