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Gay Marriage Victory!

Mark Snyder ( Deval Patrick & Trevor Wright (President, BAGLY)Deval is the only candidate running for governor of MA who is 100% pro gay marriage.

On Thursday Sept. 15 history was made once again in the fight for equal marriage rights. As representative Byron Rushing said, we must continue fighting but we can't just stop at gay marriage. We must all support every civil rights movement of today.

To us that means being politically queer. That means standing up against sexism, racism, senseless wars, imperialism, classism, adultism, ableism, etc. etc. etc.

Join us on September 18th at 2pm at 14 Beacon St Boston to begin some important coalition building!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Victory for both sides! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Actually surveys show that a majority - over 104 votes - are not just against civil unions, they are pro-gay marriage. We won 100%.