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"I'm NOT an ex-gay" - Anne Heche

Anne Heche is angry that her mother will be a featured speaker at Focus On The Family's "Love Won Out" Conference in Boston.


"This Nonsense about my mother praying for me is really making me angry. My mother never approved of my relationship with Ellen. Her hatred for our relationship is one of the many things that ultimately led to my breaking off all communication with her. (My mother, that is, not Ellen.)"

The actress also attacks the so-called 'ex-gay' movement.

"The "Ex-gay" events that are going on right now make me sick," she writes on her site.

"The fact that my mother is using my name to promote this movement makes me even sicker. I could not disagree more adamantly with what she and her group of unloving, unaccepting, Bible preaching hate mongers are doing. I do not believe that homosexuality is something that should be brainwashed out of someone. I do not believe that homosexuality should be anything but celebrated if that is the thing that makes an individual feel good about their life. I believe, as I have always said, that people should love who they want to love."


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

To quote Mark D. Snyder, "Ann Hesch talks to aliens."


But interesting nonetheless!

Mark D. Snyder said...

Anne Heche was definately crazy - not sure if she still is.
Homophobia hurts crazy people too.heh

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