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Love In Action - SHUT DOWN!

The young people of are happy to learn from PFLAG that the Tennessee Department of Public Health has shut down the Love In Action camp because they were illegally providing services to youth. The camp's purpose was to convert gay youth into straight youth - a practice proven ineffective and condemned by the American Pediatric association, American Medical Association, American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association, & American Psychiatric association.

There is NO debate within the mainstream scientific community. Conversion/reparative therapy is junk science.

Focus On The Family regularly refers youth to Love In Action and Exodus International.

On October 29th Focus On The Family will be holding a large anti-gay conference in Boston with the purpose of informing the public about "curing" and "preventing" homosexuality.

Protest Focus On The Family!


Andrea said...

Yay TN! (Never thought I'd say that one...)

Peterson Toscano said...

well, the program is not shut down yet. They have until Friday to explain to the state what they are doing. There are legal loop holes they can slip through still.

The big issue is that by TN state law they have people in their program who the state considers mentally ill (under the care of a psychariatrist and on meds). LIA does not have a license for this. Of course they can kick out their participants who fall into this category or even ask their clients to stop seeing a shrink and stop taking meds in order to attend the program.

LIA sees itself as a ministry and as such not subject to the law in the same way as a non-ministry. Hopefully a change is coming, but this story can still have plenty of twists and turns.