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Young Queer Community Stunned As Clubs Turn Them Away

During the past few weeks club-goers under the age of 21 have been turned away from Boston establishments with no explanation. Club promoters are blaming the city. The city is not answering questions. And the LGBT community is confused and distraught.

Even in this day and age of seemingly increased tolerance, for many LGBT people clubs and bars are the one place where we can feel truly accepted and free from judgement and societal stigma. If this is a permanent ban on under-21 parties it will be devastating to our community. Not only will our young people have no place to let loose, club promoters, drag queens, club owners, doormen, and taxi-drivers will suffer economic losses as well. One promoter for a popular gay night, informed that due to this mysterious ban he would lose $1200 per month making it impossible for him to afford his rent.

While the city continues to transfer us from department to department, and refuses to answer any questions, one local club employee speculated that the ban was enacted as a component of the city’s new efforts to curb gang violence. And another speculated that it was to curb under-age drinking.

It is time for the city to answer our questions.

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Laurel said...

I do find the whole 'in the dead of night' aspect of this apparent decision to be really troubling. Besides the Mayor's office,have you tries the city councilmembers, particularily the lgbt-friendly ones? It looks all the world to me like a decision someone doesn;t want to face the music (pun intended) for.