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QT Gets Shout Out From BayWindows

From BayWindows:
" broke the news Jan. 6 that club-goers under 21 were being “turned away from Boston establishments with no explanation.” Both Bay Windows and IN Newsweekly followed up with stories published Jan. 11 explaining that the city had temporarily suspended licenses to nightclubs catering to 19- and 20-year-olds in response to youth violence at some of the city’s dance clubs. Both reports credited for the story and noted that the ban had been in place for a week. The following day, the Boston Globe reported on the move with no mention of Bay Windows, IN Newsweekly or Must have been a coincidence."


Anonymous said...

For fans of the ex-ex-ex-ex-ex gay ministries, you'll enjoy this Good News exploration of HOMOSINSUALITY!

Anonymous said...

I don't see what the big deal is about... Club owners who make their money from selling alcohol aren't providing any sort of a service to queer youth.

In fact, I think the further queer kids stay from the "club atmosphere" the better. It's not like they're being kept from an after school safe place, they're being ejected from adult places of drug consumption.

It is time to quit focusing on "gay night life" being disco-centric. That's a tired, old, hackneyed, 1970's view of queer reality.