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Governor Deval Patrick

Tuesday's defeat was difficult for many of us, and I too was very angry - spouting off quite a bit on bluemassgroup. The web seems to have provided us a nice medium to vent our anger, get a good night's sleep, and then get to work again. On Thursday September 18th, 2005 my roommate Trevor and I met Deval Patrick (pictured) at the Constitutional Convention. That was a day of victories for our community, and hopefully there will be more days like that now that Deval is not just visiting the state house. It is soooooo time to move beyond marriage and begin to really tackle the issues facing the LGBT community at large in our daily lives. Candlelight vigils are nice and important, and I encourage everyone to attend on Jan 10th at 6:30pm, but we must do more than have vigils. We must not be afraid to show our resistance to oppression, to not conform, and to not be silent.

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Blue-Xela said...

Great photo, that's a keeper!


Trevor Wright said...

I have to agree. But you can see my nip. haha