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Gay over the expected demise of sex-same marriage

By Bob Tremblay/Local columnist, Milford Daily News
Sunday, January 14, 2007 - Updated: 12:22 AM EST

Hallelujah! It seems that same-sex marriage in Massachusetts has a good chance of finally coming before the voters, giving the moral majority, in this case God-fearing heterosexuals, a chance to trample all over the rights of the immoral minority, in this case God-defiling homosexuals.

Now that assumes these sodomites even have rights to trample on. Considering their abhorrent behavior, they don't have rights as much as they have wrongs. Marriage isn't a right anyway, it's a commandment even if the dictionary doesn't say so. But the Bible sure does, and that's all we holy ones need to know, and we know that for homosexuals to be allowed to wed destroys the sanctity of marriage.

Never mind that half of all marriages end in divorce and that 60 percent of all married couples in the United States have experienced some type of spousal abuse in their lives. Marriage is still a sacred institution even if a huge part of the population doesn't treat it as such. Because no matter how many people get divorced and no matter how many spouses get abused, nothing can tarnish marriage like homosexuality. Click Here for more...

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Andrea said...

Um, l'm pretty sure marriage isn't a commandment.