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channel 7's transphobic display

Update June 9, 2006: Michelle breaks down on the stand at trial... read story

This story has reached national cable news and as you can imagine the coverage has been horrific. Last night this story was featured on right-winger Tucker Carlson's show.

A transgendered woman in prison is asking for the right to continue her hormones and continue her transition with sugery. Channel 7, and some other news sources, decided to sensationalize the news story with transphobic undertones including phrases like "a man's outrageous request." Channel 7 refused to refer to Michelle by her new name and by the appropriate pronouns even though the AP journalistic style guide suggests doing so. Shame on Randy Price and the Channel 7 news team.

Please contact Channel 7 and kindly request that from now on they should use the pronouns and name that people prefer, and never sensationalize reports about transgendered people.

1. Read the news report View the video Compare Coverage with story

2. E-mail Channel 7 or call 1-800-280-TIPS

3. Please post your e-mails/letters/comments to channel 7 here in our comments section as well. Many of you e-mailed me copies of your letters, and it would be great to share them with the bloggers.


Lynne said...


Also, why can't she be returned to a woman's prison after any such surgery (or even hormone treatment)? I didn't understand that at all.

Mark D. Snyder said...

Lynne she should totally be allowed to continue her hormones and be placed into a women's prison. Even for effeminate male identified people prison is a horrific place.

Michael said...

Not to like be rude or anything but this is a person who committed first degree murder and wants the state to pay for the surgery....why should we? I'm fine with giving convicts necessary medicine such as insulin or something but this is elective surgery. Also why are you all up in arms and defending a convicted killer?

Mark D. Snyder said...

I do not in anyway condone killing but... if the state is going to describe transgenderism as a disorder with treatment, and that treatment is hormone therapy and sex change, then the state better pay for it.

To me weather or not she gets the sex change is not that important. The important part is that the homrone therapy continues, she is placed in a women's prison (MOST IMPORTANT), and the media refers to her by her preferred name and pronouns.