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As an alternate delegate I am still hoping I get the chance to vote at Saturday's democratic convention. If I do get the chance I will be voting for Deval Patrick for Governor and Andrea Silbert for Lt. Governor. Andrea was recently endorsed by Felix Arroyo and the DFA.

I encourage anyone who is a Deval delegate to vote for Deval on BOTH ballots. Do not give your vote to the candidate who has swarmed your mailbox asking you to compromise and vote for him on the first ballot.

People have asked me why, if I seem to support socialism, I continue to be involved in politics as usual. I do not have an easy answer for that except that I hope to be compassionate and share my opinions with anyone who is willing to listen. Maybe at the Democratic convention I will meet a friend or two and we can exchange ideas and have a great conversation. I know that one of the "capitalistic politicians as usual" will become our next governor, and contrary to the common argument of those who challenge my actions, I believe that there IS a huge difference between having a republican governor as compared to a democrat. Sue me but I do believe in choosing the lesser of two evils if that is our only choice while at the same time doing everything I can to revolutionize the system all together. Take for example the recent cut in funding for queer youth by the Romney administration. I doubt Deval would do that. And the list of similarly harmful budget cuts and policies goes on and on. I try to actively reduce suffering as much as possible and I believe that having Deval as our governor, although not the perfect situation, will reduce the amount of suffering in this state more than any other candidate. Meanwhile I will continue to voice my concerns about the "systems as usual" that our society utilizes and I will continue to fight for radical change.

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