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Queer Liberation Not Assimilation! Pride '06

Pride is just a few weeks away, and we need your help! We want to make a lasting impression at this year's celebration. Our float will showcase the umbrella theme of unity and all of the issues that are important to us including solidarity with immigrants, resisting occupation and war, resisting corporate take-over of pride, and being proud of who we are as queer/lgbtqi people.

So far we have joined forces with the International Action Center/Stonewall Warriors and Women's Fight Back Network. If you or your organization like to help us design our unity float it is not to late!

Our Next Meeting:
Thursday June 1
Multicultural AIDS Project
31 Heath Street, JP

Boston Pride '06 Schedule:

June 2 - Flag Raising
June 3 - Faneuil Hall Day
Thursday June 8 - Pride Idol
Saturday June 11- Parade & Festival
Saturday Evening - BOUNCE
Dyke Night Productions and X Gender Productions present the 3rd Annual Bounce Pride Party for Alternative Dyke/Queer/Trans Party People!
DJ D'hana spinning old school, electro, hip-hop, house, dance, and retro. No attitude atmosphere! Doors open at 9p - $10 bucks at the door 21+ @ Midway Cafe 3496 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain Part of the proceeds benefit The Network/La Red and Pathways to Wellness
Sunday June 12 - Stuart St Block Party & Women's Block Party


GOP Christian said...

You're funny. :-)

"LGBTQIP...etc" ...and the acronym keeps growing and growing... ^_^

Stonewall Warriors, the militant anti-war activists on Armory Street. hehehe :-D

There's one thing I don't get though. Why are lefties so obsessed with race? If you're a baby-killing homosexual atheist druggie we'll hate you regardless of your race. :-)

Anonymous said...

Because even we lefties have our own racism we need to deal with duh.

Sandouri Dean Bey said...

at first i thought the "right-wing gop christian ministries" was a joke. i mean, with a name like that, c'mon! but after looking at their blogs (yes, they've got a bunch), i think they're serious. that's some crazy shit.

jason said...

in terms of racism, let us please never forget, as a queer "community" the incredible need for the white dominant class to learn to give up power and stop claiming things that aren't ours and for us to really be willing to work on racial justice. if we are honest about racism in this country we will see how white queers benefit from white privilege very similarly to the rest of white society. this is a struggle we need to actively be involved in in. let us not be distracted by our oppression as queers so as not to understand our oppressive privilege and power as white people....

Anonymous said...

Jason, exactly. That's what I meant when I said we had our own racism to deal with.

Queer Jay said...


Well said!

On another note the Religious Right-wing GOP Christian Ministries or RRWGOPCM (which is a longer acronym than we traditionally use) is full of hypocrisy. Not to argue religion with these people but alcohol is a drug and Jesus turned water into wine! And why am I being identified as an atheist? I don't think I have ever disclosed my religious beliefs whatever they may be. I do know this. In Matthew it says that those Christians who pray on the streets to be seen as righteous is there reward. Whereas those who go to the lord in private shall receive the kingdom of heaven. Just thought I would point that out. I am sure I could site it chapter and verse in a few moments if need be.


John Hosty said...

Religious Right-wing GOP Christian Ministries said... (on his profile)
About Me
GOOD = The LORD. EVIL = liers, adulterers, gays, aborters, "pet-lovers", pornographers, contraceivers, suicides, euthanizers, sorcerers, druggies, smokers, drinkers, caffeine users, pig-eaters, the obese, bulemics, anorexics, vegans, sports fanatics, feminists, communists, mammon worshippers, capitalists, facists, socialists, racists, atheists, & people who worship the creation more than the Creator. Repent or suffer.

I think this demonstrates this person's mental ballance and credibility...