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Jean Rohe: "I tore apart John McCain..."

The student speaker at New College felt it was her moral duty to speak out against the policies John McCain supports. Read her amazing speech exclusively at the huffingtonpost.


Adam said...

The mainstream media, unsurprisingly, painted a picture of the New School student protesters at out-of-touch and disrespectful, while portraying McCain as am embattled victim who deserved better treatment from the audience. I applaud Ms. Rohe and all of the faculty and students at the New School who refused to be complacent while their graduation was used as a platform for a right-wing politician. Best of luck to the protesters at Boston College tomorrow who will be exersizing their First Amendment rights by protesting Ms. Rice.

Anonymous said...

Now that Jean Rohe and her supporters have announced that they will not listen to anyone else's opinions and will try to shout out and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them, I wonder when they plan to register for membership in the Republican Party.