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The Massachusetts Senate has eliminated funding for GLBT domestic violence services in the 2007 Budget.

Your help is needed, please make a simple call!

The Senate Budget was released Wednesday, May 17th and the Department of Public Health’s line item (4513-1000) was stripped of its language and funding for GLBT domestic violence. This funding has been in place since 1999 and is critical to the provision of services for GLBT victims.

Amendments must be filed by Friday (May 19th). Senator Jarrett Barrios will file an amendment to restore and expand funding, but it is critical that other Senators sign onto the amendment and support it or these life-saving services will be lost.

Request: please call your Senator Wednesday or Thursday and express your displeasure (or outrage or frustration) with the Senate for eliminating GLBT domestic violence funding. Then encourage your Senator to please sign onto Barrios’ amendment as a co-sponsor.

You do not need to speak directly to your Senator. Request to speak to them, but if they are not available, ask to speak with the Chief of Staff or someone who works with the budget. Your conversation needs to be only 2 – 4 minutes, just stating where you live, expressing your concern with the elimination of funding and your desire to have them sign onto the amendment. This call is VERY important and it is a VERY easy call to make. Your Senator WANTS to hear from you. If you would like a simple script of what you can say, one is included on the first page of the attached document.

All your Senator needs to do to sign-on is to call Barrios’ office by end of day Thursday.

To find out who is your Senator, go to the MassEquality website and click on the “How Legislators Voted” selection. Then type in your address. It will provide you with your Senator’s name and phone number.

Here's a script, if you need it:

Sample Script:
“Hi, my name is ___________ and I am a constituent of Senator ______________. I live at ___(address)____________ , in ___(city)___. I want to let the Senator know that I am distressed that the Senate Ways and Means Budget for 2007 eliminates funding for GLBT domestic violence. It is critical that services be provided to this population. I want to urge the Senator to sign onto Senator Barrios’ amendment for GLBT domestic violence. I would also appreciate a follow-up from your office, letting me know if he was able to do so.” (then provide your email or phone #). “Thank you and I hope the Senator will fight for this important issue.”


Mark D. Snyder said...

I called, and I urge everyone to do so!!

Queer Jay said...

I called my Senator and everyone else should as well. You can go to to look up your Senators number.