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Trevor Wright, activist and blogger for, was featured in Bay Windows today:
"...But the most powerful LGBT-related testimony at the hearing came from Trevor Wright, coordinator of the BAGLY Prom. Wright, who is 22, explained that during his years at Weymouth High School he was repeatedly targeted for harassment and physical assaults because he is gay. He said when he would visit the men’s room other students would taunt him and ask him to perform oral sex on them.
“They would call me a faggot, and the whole room would laugh at me,” said Wright.

One student named Randall regularly targeted him, he said. Wright said Randall wrote the words “cock-sucking faggot” on his locker, and when Wright confronted him Randall punched him and threw him to the floor.

Wright said when he went to administrators for help, he was told to “tone it down a bit.” To cope he said he would go home and cut his arms with razor blades.

“My wounds might have healed, but my scars are still visible,” said Wright."


Tom said...

Amazing testimony and courage Trevor!

TRevor said...

Thanks tom! I spoke right before Brian it was amazing!