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Transgender Lobby Day Success!

The first ever Transgender Lobby Day here in Massachusetts, not just made history but had overwhelming support from the community.

Over 100 people showed up to lobby for House Bill 1722!!!! There were so many people we had to move to another room! (Alex, Kasey and myself were there from queertoday)

House Bill 1722 sends a clear message that no one should face violence or experience discrimination in employment, housing, credit, public accommodations, or public education simply because of their gender identity or gender expression. This legislation strengthens the Commonwealth's commitment to ensuring that all people, including transgender people, are treated fairly under the law and given an equal chance to contribute to our communities and economy.

13 is the number of states that have enacted legal protections for freedom of gender identity or expression in employment, education, housing, accommodations, credit, and/or hate crimes.

Massachusetts is NEXT! Please contact your representatives and senators to demand they support this bill!

(visit the MTPC web site, for information on how to lobby)



Mark D. Snyder said...

Thank you Trevor & Alex!!

I am going to write letters to reps because I could not make it.

So glad it was a success!!

Kasey H. said...

I was there, too! Anyone seen any good coverage of it?

Trevor Wright said...

Kasey!!! I'm sorry! I just fixed it!
I have yet to see anything yet.