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MA Youth Pride & BAGLY Prom Report

Massachusetts Youth Pride 2007 was a fabulous success. The "Make A Statement" theme was a wise choice that the Boston Pride Committee should take note of! Youth Pride knows how to celebrate individuality, protest, and be proud. The day was made complete when a rainbow appeared over the celebration!

Later that evening the BAGLY Prom drew over 1200 LGBTQ Youth and their Allies from around the state. The youth had a wonderful time as usual. In addition to the music, dancing, and drag shows, the Mayor's liaison read a proclamation from Mayor Menino declaring his support, and Randy Price of WHDH was the usual celebrity MC.

Of course our friend Amy Contrada was creepily lurking around these events throughout the day. Click Here for our full report on Amy's sick and depraved obsession with LGBT Youth. Warning! This report is SHOCKING and TERRIFYING!

On behalf of the bloggers and activists of we wish our friends a Happy Youth Pride and BAGLY Prom!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Are you not a little old for youth pride?

Mark D. Snyder said...

Anonymous, I assume you are a right-wing troll.... Yes, I am a little old to be celebrating youth pride as a youth.

I attended youth pride to show support for the LGBT youth, and because I am on the Board of Directors of Greater Boston PFLAG and we presented our scholarship winners with their checks on the stage at youth pride.

I did not march, I applauded from the sidelines.