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Massachusetts Commission on GLBT Youth

Last night was the Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth commission meeting that was held at the State House.

Amy Contrada and Brian Camenkey have been OBSESSED with LGBT people and how they/we have sex for some time now. They are obsessed with taking pictures of the trans members of the Commission and our community. But now they lowered themselves to plastering the names and where Commission members live, on their shabby looking web site.

Well, the pictures they have are going to be recycled. Because last night the Commission enforced 'Mass. Gen. Laws Chp 30A section 11A1/2'
"A meeting of a governmental body may be recorded by any person in attendance by means of a tape recorder or any other means of sonic reproduction except when a meeting is held in executive session; provided, that in such recording there is no active interference with the conduct of the meeting."

(The stalkers will not be able to take any more photos, or video at commission meetings)

The Commission is acting within the 'parameters of the law' and ' applying its rules fairly and uniformly.'


Mark D. Snyder said...

Trevor Wright you are fucking hysterical. I hope Keith doesn't mind!

bostonph said...

Here's a question for you investigative journalist types out there: what is the rleationship between MassRessistance and Citizens for Limited Taxation?

Barbara Anderson and Chip Faulkner of CLT have both appeared on the MassResistance radio show && CLT members (e.g. Cynthia Stead) are hugge proponents of voting on gay marriage.

Come to think of it, one of my first encounters with "Peter Porcupine" was on MassResistanceWatch countering the "if marrage is for procreation only, what does it mean to get married at 60" argument:

At Friday, August 04, 2006 3:25:27 PM, Peter Porcupine said…

Ah, but you have to remember the story of Sarah in the Bible, who had a baby at age 80! After a lifetime of infertiltiy - and no drugs!

I just wish the Legislature trusted the electorate enough to allow them to vote - after all, those are the folks that put them there.