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Cynthia Stead: The Next Amy Contrada?

The Live Love & Learn blog has done an excellent job exposing another right-wing nutbag (as Trevor likes to call them). She posts anti-gay comments on BlueMassGroup and her own blog, and is an avid Bush and Romney supporter. After seeing her silly official web site, I have a feeling it will not be long until she is stalking queer youth at Pride celebrations. She may be a better writer than Amy (and that is not saying much) but she is clearly just as disturbed.


Mark D. Snyder said...

Should we expose people like Cynthia, or let them remain anonymous? I welcome the debate over at bluemassgroup on this issue.

John Hosty said...
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John Hosty said...

Mark, thanks for following the continuing story with Cynthia Stead. I think that the biggest issue I want an answer to is how much taxpayer dollars are being used for her blogging. At more than 1200 posts on BMG alone just since January 1 of this year, I think it's a fair question.

Anonymous said...

Okay, honestly, what is it about PP that all liberal guys want to love and help her? I understand it at BMG because I think the guy who's not david and not Charley who runs the joint may actually be on her side, but now Ryan's Take is accusing you of making serious allegations that she's gearing up to stalk Queer teens and screaming that leftybloggers should start giving out their names and leaving poor dear PP alone. Next he's going to be offering to let her have his page and move into his house so he can pay for her bandwidth and groceries and help her write "Why Ryan is an evil sodomite" essays (for the humor challeged, that is NOT a "serious allegation")

Why are all the kind hearted to an extreme, easily taken in people on our side? :)

John Hosty said...

It is curious how leftys will flock to defend those who criticize them so, even at the expense of sworn and proven allies. It shows how fractured our cause is, and honestly, how easily we can be taken advantage of. PP must be laughing in her sleeve over all this.

I made a post over at BMG simply letting people know what started all this, which was my the article I wrote on my own blog. They erased my BMG comment. No explanation was even given. What I find interesting is that on BMG they have trolls who clearly have no motive for being there other than to push people's buttons, and they don't moderate their comments. Here is an example of a post I had complained about, and ended up having to erase the whole thread rather than allow this to stand:

" *[new] Poor Beny Boy (0.00 / 0)
He is like totally a victom here. Like totally.


Enjoy the rest of your stay in jail Beny Boy. Enjoy : )

Smile Beny Boy
Don't forget to Smile : )
by: Total Republican Rock Radio Machine @ Wed May 02, 2007 at 14:06:51 PM EDT"

This comment was left unmoderated on my BMG article written about Ben LaGuer's birthday. Ben LaGuer has been in jail since 1983, and is undoubtably a innocent man. You can see how inappropriate the comment was.

I am curious how they make their decisions, and I am less enchanted with what I once thought was a great website. BMG may have already seen its best days.

bostonph said...

There was a mass exodus from BMG a few months back over that very issue. People who dared criticize the trolls were getting warnings, while the trolls were free to bash liberals at will. Ryan wrote a very good post on the subject.

Search for BMG

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's pathetic. I mean they talk about "tone," but they let all the pet trolls say the most hateful things. Now, I can defend myself (although I have sympathy for people who are timid and don't go online to be childishly bashed by the same jerk they avoid at work), except oh yeah, I'm not allowed, I have to walk on eggshells. Hateful, 3 year old, badly spelled comments raise "the tone," forceful replies to hateful comments lower the tone. Nice website they've created there for the trolls, but for anyone else it's useless.

And of course they don't want anyone addressing comments to "Republican State Committeewoman and Cape Cod Times Columnist Cynthia Stead" because then the game would be over, even someone who's never been online before could see who she is and what her game is.

Funny how the greenest newbie is smarter than all the seasoned bloggers who think butter wouldn't melt in their favorite girl's mouth and she sincerely loves them to pieces. :)

Mark D. Snyder said...

Anonymous, I think it would be in good taste to reveal yourself.

I have enjoyed the bluemassgroup blog/message boards and never got any warnings or anything but you all have given me some food for thought.

QueerToday will keep blogging the way we blog, and you all will keep blogging the way you blog, so none of this seems like that big of a deal to me. We'll keep revealing and exposing the right-wing, no one will stop us from that.

Anonymous said...

Why do we compare her to Amy Contrada any more than Brian Camenker?


I am not accusing, just asking because I have heard others make the comparison and I am not sure how knowledgeable I am about massresistance.

WTTO (of Quench)

Anonymous said...

That's easy. Brian uses his real name. Amy Contrada just calls herself "Amy from MassResistance." Like Ms. Stead, she denies her secret identity when confronted.

Anonymous said...

Reveal myself? You don't know me (I lurk at BMG but don't have an account or a blog of any sort), and I'm not good at coming up with cool sounding handles. You can call me Joe if you like. Not Cynthia Stead is also fine. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know. I didn't realize Brian had not started off trying to be anonymous.


Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the BMG discussion is the ever sanctimonious Charley Blandy declaring he doesn't find Ms. Stead homophobic and accusing the people who dislike her of wanting to crush opposing viewpoints.

Of course, a quick read through Ms. Stead's writings show the opposite to be true. Cynthia is clearly on BMG to spin and distort and the PP blog is a treasure trove of anti-gay and anti-liberal sentiment.

Here are a few choice morsels:

I freely admit that I come from a time when gay meant cheerful. Sodomites, as we called them then, certainly existed and many were socially received - but they were expected to be discreet in their relationships, as were heterosexuals, also known as normal men. Only a cad would speak of carnal relations with his wedded wife, but only a beast would speak openly about bedding a person who was not.

Porcupine thinks that we should declare a moratorium on all social and sexual issues for a while. The estimated 10% of the population who are gay have cannibalized 90% of the legislative agenda for the last few years. They and their supporters are entitled to their views, but enough is enough. No more sex for a while -let's talk about GOVERNMENT.

Mark D. Snyder said...

She's definately a homophobe, and definately a little cray cray. Who puts pictures of their keyed george bush sticker on their official web site? She does.

Anonymous said...

As to why BMG sucks... the entire discussion of PP over there has been removed. 'nuf said.

Mark D. Snyder said...

I do not think QueerToday has deleted a dialogue on our web site or blog since its founding in 2000. I agree that is rather low.