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MassResistance Targets Youth Pride

We knew it was coming: Amy Contrada's lies and exaggerations about Youth Pride. But this year we beat her to the punch. Click Here for our freshly updated report on this deranged and obsessed woman. Amy Contrada and Brian Camenker may seem like two people who are so disturbed that no one should pay attention to them. Amy and her Bush donor husband Michael even moved from town to town because she was unhappy with the "homosexuality" in schools. However, they do have a small and dangerous national cult following. Staff members of Lexington Schools are still receiving harassing phone calls and death threats from their cronies. They have several hateful bills in the Statehouse right now. They got billboards pulled, mannequins removed from Macys, and Bay Windows Newspaper removed from stores. Yes they are silly and disturbed, but we can not take them lightly. At QueerToday we will continue expose them, dispel their lies, and aggressively fight back against their intimidation. For more coverage of the insanity that is MassResistance check out MassResistance Watch - a blog dedicated solely to dispelling their lies.

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Mark D. Snyder said...

Turns out the glsen "cumvomit/cockvomit" scandal is simply the screenname of a friend to glsen on myspace, but Amy does not understand how Myspace "friending" works.