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Easy Out ?

Gay teens throughout Massachusetts are featured in Today's Boston Globe article called "Easy Out," which paints a rather rosy picture of the coming out process in our state. QueerToday's Trevor Wright is quoted.

The article provides some good historical context to how our state has made things more welcoming for gay teens, but it fails to recognize many of the remaining challenges.

The article emphasizes the high suicide rates in the late eighties and implies that the discussion on gay marriage has made a positive impact to curb those numbers. But statistics from Massachusetts in 2005 reveal suicide rates among gay teens were even higher than the statistics from 1989 that were quoted in the article.
If they had been able to interview the Contradas for this article it would have created an interesting contrast.

Congrats to Trevor! A full page spread - ZEXY!

Congrats to BAGLY for the well deserved positive press.

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Trevor said...

Reporters are going to report what they want....

Most of my time talking to her was not about how happy of a time it was for me to come out... But about unsupportive administration in the Weymouth public school system.

But what ever..

Chris Mason said...

i love that Trevor is described as muscular. she was checking you out.

Trevor Wright said...

Ummmm when the globe called me to fact check the story, they asked if that was correct and I was like ummm yeah you can say that. haha

Mark D. Snyder said...

How much do I love that you are blogging from Belize right now? lol