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QueerToday Meets for Annual Meeting.

*(this is just for fun)*
Firecrotch hosted this annual meeting in Berkeley California. 10 bloggers flew from all over the country to attend this gay event. (See photo of all that attended.)

QueerToday Annual Meeting Agenda 2007:

1- Check In’s
- Name, Age and the color of your pee?
2- Cleaning up the mess of HRC surrounding ENDA
3- Covert operations to infiltrate Ron Paul’s supporters.
4- Taking Tom Cruse off the DL.
5- The perks of ‘Trans’ bathrooms!
- Poop
- Pee
- Tampons
- Liquid poop
- Green apple splatters
- Cleveland steamers?
6- Family values
7- Massresistance VS. HRC ( Massresistance is Winning!)
- Massresistance recognizes Trans people as a force to fight in 2003
(only ‘4’ years!!!)
- HRC ‘founded in 1980 ‘, only in 2001 did HRC include Trans folks in their mission. (We will do the math but.. MR is up about a two and a half decades)
8- Public Schools
- Homosexual Agenda (where we are in conversion rates)
- How to explain ‘Santorum’ in public schools
9- Mark Snyder (Liability vs. Value)
10- Pro- Abortion
-How to Get to Yes by Allen Pease
- Discussion and PowerPoint
11- Douches
- Calling someone a douche, offensive or not?
12- MassEquality
What could QT do with a budget of over $100,000 a month..
- Pie charts
- Straight people running the gay rights movement in Ma.
-Thanks for all the help!!! OMG we are BFF
13- Pie, Ice cream, having sex with sheep!
14-- Douches (capitalism vs. women’s health)
15- Closing speaker (John Waters)
16- Check out and foot orgy.

Everyone had a great time! Wish you all were here to enjoy a great dinner with family!!

Jenn & Trevor

PS: We just watched a sex worker get stiffed on her pay, she was pissed and was screaming at the car driving off. There was a cop right on the corner, and went over to the woman and told her to "keep it down"!!! *What a nightmare!!* Why didn't the cop go after the guy in the car for not paying her????? Someone at city hall is getting a strongly worded letter.. (This really just happened)

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Jake said...

wow. how did trevor make it into the picture as both himself and as his drag queen alter-ego?