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Protest Lou Dobbs Tonight

Protest to target racist anti-immigrant demagogue Lou Dobbs. On Monday, 11/19, racist anti-immigrant demagogue Lou Dobbs will appear at Old South Church Meeting House in Boston.

6:30 PM - OLD SOUTH CHURCH MEETING HOUSE, 310 Washington St., Boston


Blue Dog Democrats said...

Your a fucking moron. Lou Dobbs is married to a Hispanic Immigrant...He's not racist. He wants the law enforced instead of having illegal aliens burden our system and drive down wages for the working class. Jerk.

Blue Dog Democrats said...

Seriously, I can't get over how terribly you suck. I hope you get hit by a fucking car you worthless piece of shit. What does this video prove, that people can be an asshole to Lou and not let him answer the questions. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!!!!!!!

Mark D. Snyder said...

We know where you stand Blue Dog:

"What is a Blue Dog Democrat? Economic Populist, but conservative or moderate on social issues. Promote fiscal responsibility Pro-gun (usually) Anti-any amnesty for illegal immigrants Anti-Affirmative Action Weary of corporate America" - Blue Dog's Blog

BrandADK said...

I agree with the notion the individual who was yelling was trying to make, about European Visas. But to bring up issues from 550 years ago (the European colonization of the new world) seems like an unreasonable argument. Track back history long enough and you will see social injustices performed by any group. And the fact that Mr. Dobbs is married to a legal immigrant kinda goes against the idea that he is anti immigration. He seems to try to talk to these guys and point out that he is anti-Illegal-immigration. That seems reasonable seeing as it is illegal.
Simple fact is anyone that wishes to live in this country should have to go through exactly the same process, regardless of country of origin.
I am a white, upper-class, male, political centrist.

Gerry Scoppettuolo said...

The particular danger of a Lou Dobbs is this: we are headed into a worldwide economic crisis and corporate mouthpieces like Lou Dobbs are poised to arrange scapegoats and xenophobic and racist hate to divert our attention from the real culprits and to pit worker against worke.

Multinational imperialist corporations are cutting wages everywhere, exporting jobs to the lowest wage countries and pitting $3/day workers in Mexico vs $1/day workers in Bangla Desh and $13/hr workers in the U.S. Dobbs would have us believe that the starving, jobless Mexican or Guatemalan brother or sister that risks life and limb to come to the U.S. to find work to survive is somehow the controller of economic conditions, rather than the US Congress that forced NAFTA,rather than Dell, Ford amd Motorola, that move plants from the US to devloping countries abroad, etc..
(please read Fred Goldstein's analysis at

"Globalism" is a safe, value-free whimsical word for imperialism, the driving froce for the social economic condition in the US and everywhere.

The export of US jobs are financed by IMF and the World Bank, both institutions controlled by the US. US Finance capital (banks) provide the capital to corporations to expand abroad; these are the same institutions whose greed has created the current debt crisis which is leading to the worldwide economic crisis.

It would benefit us all - especially queers, to really know who are enemy is so that we can know how to mount the most effective struggles to secure the liberation of all oppressed people.

Gerry Scoppettuolo