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Friends Show Support, Mommie Dearest Strikes Again

We at QueerToday know that many of our readers are concerned for Claudia Contrada, and that is why we wanted to let you know about the Facebook group in the post below. We also want to take a moment and remind our readers that experiences like the one that Claudia is facing is in so many ways similar to that of Queer and Questioning youth around the world, and while Claudia's story seems to be a headliner she is not the only one. She has provided a human face to this epidemic and has shown tremendous courage, but for all the youth who in one way or another never see the spotlight QueerToday is here for you.

Facebook group formed to show support for Claudia Contrada, the daughter of MassResistance activist Amy Contrada, has grown to over 120 members. Close friends, classmates, and supporters from around the world are using the group to reminisce, express their love, and hope for Claudia's safe return.

Meanwhile MassResistance has posted yet another attack on LGBT youth. In their most recent post they claim that blogavist Trevor Wright "may have been molested." Update: MassResistance deleted that line within minutes of this report.

As you can see here, here, here, and here it is Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada of MassResistance who have an obsession with posting private information and photographs of minors without their consent. They have been seen taking photos of youth at almost every major queer event in the Boston area for the past several years.

At what point does posting photos of youth alongside hate speech break the law?

Lastly, a right-wing candidate for congress who supports MassResistance has created his own facebook group to support MassRessitance. So far it has one member...him.

photo: Amy Contrada snaps pictures of LGBTQ Youth and their allies at the BAGLY Prom in May of 2007.

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