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MassEquality Endorses Republican

MassEquality endorsed a long-time republican, Steve Howitt (for the primary race in the 4th District of Bristol), who has nothing but nice things to say about Mitt Romney on his web site. Howitt includes links to, Mitt Romney, and others.

When will the Human Rights Campaign and MassEquality understand that just because someone favors same-sex marriage (or in the case of HRC doesn't even go that far) it does not mean they deserve an endorsement?

Someone who supports the initiatives of the republican party will be bad for health care, schools, jobs, women's rights, and the environment. Those issues are queer issues. LGBT organizations must realize the interconnectedness of our struggles, and form progressive collations if we are to create real change in this country. Endorsing republicans is not the way to do that.

If Steve Howitt agrees with the dems more than the GOP on issues like women's rights, healthcare, the environment, immigration, etc. then why not change parties? Why affiliate himself with people like Mitt Romney? (And vice-versa for Joe Lieberman!)

I would love to learn more about the democrats who will be running against Steven Howitt but I cannot find anything.

The MASS AFLCIO has endorsed Steven D'Amico.

(SEEKONK, MA) The “Friends of Steven Howitt” welcomed Governor Mitt Romney to Seekonk on October 7 in his efforts to support his candidate of choice, Steven Howitt, who is running for State Representative in the 4th Bristol District. The event took place at Ledgemont Country Club. - 2004 Howitt Press Release

(Rehoboth, MA) Francis Farm was the venue for the Lt. Governor Kerry M. Healey to announce her support and endorsement of candidate Steven Howitt for State Representative in the 4th Bristol District. - 2004 Howitt Press Release

Contact HRC today and let them know endorsing pro-war, conservative Joe Lieberman over Ned Lamont is a slap in the face to the queer community.

After the Constitutional Convention (July 12), let MassEquality know that is is NOT okay to endorse republicans.


John Hosty said...

This is definetly a good post and food for thought. I hope you will keep us informed on the "good guys" and "bad guys" leading up to the important votes. I have been very impressed with this website as of late. Expect to see more of me.

Laurel said...

I think in this case it's ok to endorse a Repub. He presumably votes our way at the ConCOn. Then, being from a minority party in the legislature, his later nonprogressive votes on other topics will be drowned out by those of the majority Dems (not all of whom, by the way, are progressive!). I think it is a shrewd move for MassEq, and may help us all right now, and later as well by dividing the Repubs. Believe it or not, not all Repubs are conservative in all aspects of their thinking, and likewise not all Dems are liberal in all of theirs. John "you dont deserve marriage, but I've had 2 (oh yes, and i supported an illegal war until inconvenient for my '08 aspirations)" Kerry is perfect example of the latter. Your blanket prohibition of endorsing non-dems seems a bit scarry to me. Kinda like saying all gays are sleazebags (not!) or all whites are devils (not!). Any All Dem is more worthy than any Repub? Gimme a break! Give me real info on how this guy will damage social progress in the commonwealth, then i'll get upset.
Disclaimer: i am a registered dem.

Mark D. Snyder said...

Laurel, you bring up great points for discussion but I still respectfully disagree.

I think at this time in history that if you call yourself a republican it says something about you. It says you associate and support people like Mitt Romney and the current administration.

Strategically in the fight for same sex marriage I am sure there is justification for endorsing Republicans, but morally there is not and never will be justification for it.

I am not against endorsing non-dems, I am against endorsing republicans. Praise their votes, befirend them, but do not endorse them if they support conservative candidates and a conservative platform that works against us.

Laurel said...

OK i don't want to spend my time defending repubs, so i will stop with this: it's worthwhile to remember that most repubs in the legislature were in place *before* romney blew in on desert winds. so i think it is unfair to associate every repub in MA with him, althought certainly it is fair to do so with many. Don't forget it was teh repub senator Brian Lees who sank his own 'compromise' anti-gay amendment last year. what did his co-sponsor the senate president DEM Travaglini do? cast one of the few yea votes for the loathsome thing. but i guess that just falls into your "praise the vote but not the voter" category. sounds mightily like "love the sinner but hate the sin" doesn't it?! :) i have never endorsed a repub, but i would like to think i have an open mind. just like i would like to think all those repub legislators have an open mind about ssm, choice, minimum wage, etc. some have proven that they do.

Mark D. Snyder said...

You bring up a good point and makes me think of Governor Weld who created the safe schools programs for gay youth in this state which most certainly did save lives.... of course he had a lot of other shady republican stuff that he did too... which is why i would praise that and not all the other stuff...

Tom Lang said...

Let's just hope they don't endorse Kerry Healey...

MEQ needs to think long and hard before endorcements.
As you say Mark, just voting based on Marriage Equality is very short sited.

I personally received a telephone call from MassEquality a few months ago, asking me to ask a man who is running against and incumbent, Tony Verga (Rep, Dem, Gloucester, Essex Rockport) to "step down." Why? because Verga agreed to vote agains the amendment because he is pro-civil unions! Shortsighted...yes. Arrogant...yes. Un-democratic...yes.

laurel said...

I don't know anything about Tony Verga or the MEQ's strategy, but Tom, really, "Un-democratic"? Puhleeze. Since when is lobbying for/against a candidate undemocratic? If you disagree with MEQ reasoning, then by all means lay out your logic and show us the way to higher political insight. But mud-slinging is useless and divisive.