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Sloppy Seconds tastes better than first...

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

Writer: Phillip J. Bartell & Q. Allan Brocka
Director: Phillip J. Bartell
Jim Verraros
Emily Brooke Hands
Rebekah Kochan
Marco Dapper
Brett Chukerman

When my roommate gleefully told me that he had scored us tickets to go see Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds (the sequel to Q. Allan Brocka’s Eating Out) at Outfest this weekend, my heart skipped a beat. I mean, who doesn’t get palpitations over the idea of fag hags, former American Idol contestants and hot, sweaty, possibly naked men in a raunchy sex comedy?

I will admit that I had my doubts about the film. The first Eating Out was far from spectacular but had its moments - it was your classic, cheesy gay sex comedy and it somehow gained an amazingly large cult following. The great news though, is that Sloppy Seconds is ultimately the best kind of sequel – it is funnier, smarter and a million times better than the original.

In Sloppy Seconds we rejoin Kyle (American Idol’s Jim Verraros) who after a tragic break-up with ex-boyfriend Marc (Brett Chukerman replacing Ryan Carnes from the original film) has his eyes set on the school’s new, sexually confused nude model, Troy (an incredibly smoldering Marco Dapper), whose Southern accent and impressive “still life” have Marc and Kyle both creaming themselves.

Taking totally different strategies to catch them a chatch - Marc helps Troy explore his sexuality with the help of his gay man obsessed fag hag, Gwen (Emily Brooke Hands) while Kyle pretends to be and ex-gay by faking a relationship with the slunty (no, I spelt it correctly) Tiffani (Rebekah Kochan) in order to attend meetings with Troy to help him cope with his desire to be straight (and get him in bed in the process).

The plot is strikingly similar to the first film’s but the cast really steps it up a notch to make the jokes hit harder and the sex feel sexier. Brooke Hands and Kochan reprise their roles with such nasty humor that it is hard not to love these nasty, bitchy women. Dapper, in his first feature to date, really steals the show as the vulnerable and sensitive model looking for some truth to his internal struggles and someone to help him through them. He also has a temendously nice body of which you get to see every nook and cranny.

My favorite part of the film comes when Troy and Kyle attend the ex-gay group meeting. This group of obviously gay men and one gothy lesbian play so well together – you will fall off your chair as the men grasp at every juicy detail of their ex-lesbian friend describes giving her first blowjob. And Jim Verraros’ lesson on eating pussy will make you think twice the next time someone offers to shake your hand.

All in all, Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds is a sex romp that you won’t soon forget. It tops (or bottoms) the first by far and the cast will have you falling on the floor. Go see it. And visit their myspace to watch the trailer.

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