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Boston's/Cambridge's queer nightlife scene just got better with the addition of BENT Thursday Nights at the MiddleEast in Central Square. QueerToday caught up with Lily to get the scoop!

QueerToday: Welcome to, and thank you for doing this interview! We are very excited about your initiative to bring a queer night into the boston nightlife scene!
QueerToday: What is your name and your role at Bent?
BENT: My name is lily and I organized and manage BENT.
QueerToday: Who's idea was BENT?
BENT: i was approached by a booker looking for information about the gay scene in boston. he was interested in starting a lesbian night at the middle east downstairs and i thought we should make it 'queer' and all inclusive.
QueerToday: That's fabulous! You had an opening night recently. How was that?
BENT: It was better than I imagined. We had a huge crowd and Bad Jamie really rocked. It was awesome!
QueerToday: I think a lot of people are hungry for a queer night out in Boston. What kind of atmosphere, and music can a person expect at BENT?
BENT: The DJs spin your favorite queercore, indie, dance rock, and new wave music. Its a lot different than the other gay nights in boston who play hip hop and techno. the bands that play at BENT are all really quality rock bands with amazing stage presence. expect to have fun.
QueerToday: For those who are not familiar, what is queercore?
BENT: It is a genre of music, mainly queer punk. The Pansy Division, L7, Tribe 8, and The Haggard are examples of some queercore bands.
QueerToday: So each night there is a band performance, and also DJ's?
BENT: Yeah! It is a really good time.
QueerToday: What kinds of outreach have you been doing to spread the word about BENT?
BENT: We have flyers all around Boston and surrounding areas. We also did some internet promotion.
QueerToday: It is really great that the night is 18+, places are becoming increasingly strict about age. Now, the question everybody wants to know: how much is the entrance fee?
BENT: Entrance is 10 bucks at the door. I know that really sucks, but its the Middle East Downstairs! Getting queers into a famous club like that is a big deal. Once you're in, the drinks are cheaper than a lot of other clubs. Its totally worth it.
QueerToday: Great! Is there anything else you'd like to share with the activist community?
BENT: I just want them to know that BENT is totally worth it. There is so much queer talent in this town and barely any outlets for them to play. Seeing these queer bands at the Middle East Downstairs is amazing! Hopefully the tides will change here in Boston with the gay scene. We need to get back to our punk roots, especially during this day and age when we have to deal with these adoption and marriage issues. We all need to band together and be queer. Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transfolk.... we need to unite and become one. and of course, dance! Thank you so much!

BENT is 18+, $10, Thursdays @ MiddleEast in Central Square. View the BENT MySpace!

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