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What's Eating Tyler Dawbin?

Update: Tyler has taken down his anti-gay blog, his ex-gay stories blog, and removed the anti-gay commentary from his "photo's of pride blog. " Contrary to the past, Tyler now admits to being a member of the Article 8 Alliance.

Dear Tyler Dawbin,

Congrats on beating Article Hate to the punch by posting your Pride Photos so promptly. I do enjoy them very much! Aren't they fabulous? We sure do need to keep the art of drag and protest alive, don't we?!

So Tyler, something has been on my mind... What is it? Why are you so obsessed with us? Why do you chase us down and take thousands of photos of us? Why do you attend all of our rallies, and get in our faces? Isn't one anti-gay blog enough? Why so many? And don't you get tired posting hundreds of comments on all of our blogs?

Is it that you want other men (note: Tyler has now taken down his "call for ex-gay stories" blog - probably because he was the only one on it which made him look like an ex-gay) to penetrate you? Yeah, thought so. There is still time to live your life without shame, fear, and guilt.

A little advice for you: let go of the shame girl, and join the party.


Mark D. Snyder


Andrea said...

Oh, Taylor, how I've missed your "faith and love" around these parts!

John said...

I've have a fairly lengthy debate with Tyler, and I don't think that's what's eating him.

I think Tyler is a good man who believes so strongly in the authority of the bible's words that he can't see what Jesus himself has said.

Mark D. Snyder said...

He may not be gay, but there is no doubt he is obsessed with the issue of homosexuality and queer culture. His blogs focus on this primarily, and as I have said he follows every last thing that we do . If this is purely his belief in the Bible why doesn't he focus equal amounts of energy on telling people not to lie (like the president), or helping the poor (like Jesus did) ? Why the unhealthy obsession with gays?

John said...

Jesus was a complex character; To do the good things that Jesus demands is very hard work. I consider myself a Christian and I don't mind telling you I fall short of his standards often. Love your neighbor is hard enough sometimes but Jesus commands us to love my enemy. Yes, To do the good things that Jesus demands is very hard work.

But for the gay obsessed, this is an easy way to claim self rigthousness. Simply condemn without thinking whatever some Medeival translater said some ancient Greek word meant.

Fundamental Christianity is easy.

Trevor said...

Christianity is a cult. It enables others to force shame, guilt and fear on you. Drink the coolaid we call the blood of christ and eat his body... SO CULTY!

John said...


I agree that what passes for much of modern Christianity is indeed a cult.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

The reason is, is that almost all churches today are rule based and authoritarian. This is not the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. This is the teaching of Paul

Ryan Charisma said...

he's an ass. his poor children. to be raised with his Christian dogma, not to mention the chiding for fellow students and peers.

Anonymous said...

Taylor, you might be right.

Someone asked Tyler when he "chose to be straight" He said,

"Yes, I remember when I chose to be straight. I was in my teens, and struggling with my sexuality because I had been abused. That's when I chose that I wanted to be with women (and what a rewarding choice that will turn out to be someday) and not with men."

Mister Goat said...

Wow, I just read this guys page of Pride photos. Amazing! I love the way that he snarks at each one like an 8-year-old. Particularly one that had a Felix Arroyo sign and someone in an IBEW shirt, to which he wrote, "Don't re-elect Arroyo, and down with the IBEW." Down with the IBEW? Dude, do you know what the IBEW is? What does it mean to say "down with" a union?

Also chuckled at his saying, "I can't wait to vote them out" about Um, vote them out of what? It's a website, not an elected official.

Jesus of Nazareth said...


Now I'm going to have to let you burn in hell. Your soul is worthless to me. You're too filled with hate and you warp children's minds. You are a bad person. You don't follow my words you only missinterpret them.

Shame on you. May your eternity in hell be your just desserts.


Anonymous said...

Tyler indicates he was abused, perhaps molested by another male. ("and struggling with my sexuality because I had been abused")This would certainly exagerate the shame involved in his leaning towards homosexuality. Unfortunately fundamentalist christianity found Tyler before Tyler found a good therapist to work all of this out, and now his emotional disturbances are being played out through that. We see this all the time in the ex-gay movement, and it is always sad to watch.

John Hosty said...

I have to say I found this thread only a day after I took down the thread on my blogsite, "Tyler Dawbin, Friend or Fiend". I started the site when I found his site called, "know Thy Homosexual Opponent". I started blogging on his site and he promptly started deleting everything he didn't want to hear... over 40 posts from different people. He has since changed the name of his site to Love Thy Neighbor, No Matter What", but his hatred of gays has not changed at all it seems.

This is a very fixated individual, who in my opinion deserves our full attention. His site has been getting more and more hits, so I have been going there to try and be one of the voices of reason. So far he has been respectfull enough to leave my posts and answer dialog, but that changes if he gets defensive.

You are wise to focus on people that put so much of their energy into making sure our rights are denied and the cycle of hatred continues. Another site that is worth watching is:

It is good to see this website has its eyes on the same people we do. Keep up the good work!

John said...

John Hosty,

I just posted at Tyler's site for the first time.

I asked him to please answer the question you last posed.

I am sincerely interested in his point of view.

John Hosty said...

My experience with him tells me he will never give an clear answer and he will use half truths to make more solid his view; gays are inherently bad because we are sinners and not worthy of equality in his eyes.

It seems he is catering to a small crowd of people who are very active in sending the "boogie man" message about the gay community. He is a Dobson following, Bible thumping, threat to our way of life if left unanswered. Thanks for addressing the issue head on. Our only hope with the most militant against us is our own persistence.

John said...

John Hosty,

I know well his style of argumentation. I had a long debate with him on:

John Hosty said...

I went and read your quoted site. Did you notice Tyler describes castration as having no penis? Eunichs have their penis, their boys are cut off to prevent them from soiling whom they serve. Further proof that for some the facts don't matter.

John said...

I noticed, but I considered that a harmless error.

I wanted to get him to concede that God has not exactly been good and just, and if God's law has changed so many times, what is so special about one man one woman?

No such luck.

John Hosty said...

We have a victory against Tyler. He has altered his site not to allow blog posts other than those who are team members. This is a win-win scenario for us. If he continues not to allow posting he will rapidly lose interest from readers and that weakens his voice. If he starts allowing posts again he will have to allow us their too. It also shows it is we who are "eating" Tyler Dawbin.

Tyler Dawbin said...

John, and John...the usual suspects. It's good to know where you really stand, John Hosty.

John Hosty said...

I stand cautously optomistic in light of your actions. I don't pretend to understand what moves you, but I do thank you for taking down the website once called "know thy homosexual opponent". There is good even in those you despise the most, you just have to look for it. I will keep the door open and the conversation going as long as you want. There is no harm done in this dialog, and if we can understand one another perhaps we can take a step closer to our mutual goal; peace and prosperity for ourselves and those who come thereafter.

John said...

Tyler, I too would like to keep the conversation going. I enjoy it. I am less intense than Mr. Hosty and tend to be more philosophical, but I think the reason for that is I am not gay.

So when my side loses like we did in New York, it is easy for me to wax philosophic and say, well "maybe the leglislature will pick up the slack".

I lose nothing; A close friend in NY had to cancel his date at City Hall. He is devastated.

I don't understand; Even if you are 100% convinced that your favorite Medieval translator said that Paul said the Jesus said that Moses said that God said that their relationship is a sin, why should you care?

John Hosty said...
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