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queer headlines update: the violence never ends

Many people even in our own community have no idea the amount of violence that is committed against our community everyday worldwide. Others, living in their own little gay worlds, believe that the violence is subsiding and homophobia is almost eradicated. The truth is, violence against LGBT people has been steadily on the incline for several years. We are under attack.

What do Amy Contrada, Brian Camenker, Tyler Dawbin, CJ Doyle, and Carol McKinley have to say about these stories?

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) Gay community leaders are seeking answers about a police raid on an Albuquerque bathhouse where officers allegedly were wearing bullet proof vests and armed with semiautomatic weapons. -

(Athens, Tennessee) The FBI is expected to join local and state investigators later this week in hunting down whoever burned a cross at the home of a gay Athens man. -

NEW YORK - While cities around the world hosted upbeat gay pride parades in recent weeks, human-rights activists kept watch on a contrasting set of developments: gays beaten by demonstrators in Moscow, convicted on sodomy charges in Cameroon, targeted by sweeping anti-gay legislation in Nigeria. - Bradenton Herald

(Boston, Massachusetts) Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, fighting for an amendment to the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage has become the biggest contributor to a similar campaign in South Carolina a Boston newspaper reports. -


Chris Mason said...

We are being attacked head-on and in many instances we are losing. If we don't take these threats seriously and fight back, we will be sadly surprised.

John Hosty said...

I remember a quote but I can't remember where from, "A lie can travel around the world in the time it takes for the truth to get its pants on." If we are not there to give opposing information on each front we find it leaves us vulnerable. There are a lot of good people out there, we CAN make a difference with them, even on the doorsteps of our opponents and their websites.

John Hosty said...
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