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Another Queer Brutally Attacked

Worldwide, the violence against LGBT people continues to increase, yet the attention paid to the problem continues to decrease. One of the most recent attacks was in New York City where Kevin Aviance a popular drag queen and singer was brutally attacked and suffers a broken jaw. She will not be able to sing in next week's NYC Pride Celebration. Read more about the violent hate crime>

In Europe the government is taking notice. (Brussels) Members of the European Parliament will vote Thursday on a motion condemning rising incidents of homophobia and racism in member states -

(Philipsburg, St. Maarten) The man described as the ringleader in the attack on two gay tourists from New York has surrendered to authorities in St. Maarten. -

(Montrose, Colorado) The second of two men charged in the strangling death of a gay Montrose man last year pleaded not guilty Tuesday. -

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