The Latest in Print, on TV, and in Person

Print: The efforts of QueerToday have been featured in InNewsWeekly(MACY's Fiasco) and BayWindows (Upcoming Love Won Out) this week.

Television: Jesse completed a live television show for SpeakOut TV where he discussed Article Hate Alliance/MassResistance. The show will replay. Click here for a schedule to watch.

Our Macy's Protest was featured on Chanel 5 and Channel 7 on June 16 and on NECN on June 11/12th.

Person: Brian will speak on behalf of QueerToday at the Uniting Our Struggles Political Forum on Saturday June 17 at 6:30PM at 284 Amory Street in Jamaica Plain.

Protest: QueerToday endorses the protests against the Nazis to be held this Sunday at Copley Square at 9AM.

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