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UPDATE: San Diego Pride Reverses Decision!

Well, it took threats of civil disobedience and national outcry, but it seems as though San Diego's Pride celebration will now be open to everyone! Again, I reiterate that we need to seriously think about why banning youth from the Pride celebration was even thought of as a possible option for San Diego Pride in the first place. In addition, the celebration still has a $20 entry fee.


Anonymous said...

Well, apparently last year (or was it the year before) there were two people working on the celebration who were listed as sex offenders, which is a label you can acquire without even having committing any crime.

Anyway, the Christian Right had a field day "exposing" this in the news. You might googling it.

Brian Rainey said...
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Brian Rainey said...

I am aware of the controversy over the three volunteers who were registered sex offenders. Their crimes seem to be fairly serious (not statutory rape as I had suspected).

The controversy among the LGBT community was whether or not they should be allowed to work there despite the fact that their jobs did not bring them into direct contact with the public. Apparently, the FBI, local police and other agencies agreed that it was ok to let these particular three work.

And like I said, if the presence of sex offenders in your organization is a sign that it shouldn't be open to minors, then the Catholic Church should close permanently.

Furthermore, numerous Christian Right organizations have been found to have had sex offenders in official capacities. Remember when it was revealed that the father of Susan Smith (a woman who drowned her children in South Carolina) molested her when she was a kid? He was the head of the local Christian Coalition! Also, this story pointed out by Wayne Besen ( also shows that predatory behavior is, sadly, a part of our society.