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Hedda Lettuce Disses Boston Pride Committee

Hedda Lettuce was filling some time on stage when a performer was late at Saturday's festival. Hedda is well known for her raunchy outrageous comedy acts, but the Pride committee reacted by asking her to "tone it down" for the sake of families. I never understood why we need to "protect" young people from words like fuck. Does it really harm a young child to hear fuck? And can't someone just explain to the child that there are times to use the word and times not to use the word? Why underestimate the intelligence and autonomy of youth?

Joblin Younger, a hard-working volunteer for the LGBT community, admitted to being the one who asked Hedda to tone it down, but later praised Hedda for her fun performance and joked about how she "ripped him a new one." I doubt censorship was solely Joblin's decision.

Read BayWindow's Report Here

Read Hedda Lettuce's Account Here (she makes a good point but throws all the anger and insults at Joblin- who is good hearted and works really hard - rather than the real enemy: gay shame and reactionary politics that are so prevalent in our community)

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Brian C. said...

Because "adults" use children to justify their hatred.