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end gay shame: with fun links!

I do not think anything could anger the right-wing more than my own sex life. Several times a week my boyfriend and I engage in genderqueer, interracial, Asian-immigrant, hardcore gay sex. Anal sex! And I pledge to you that from now on the more Amy Contrada and Brian Camenker talk about the sex lives of queer people, the more and the harder we will fuck. And the more gay assimiliationists try to deny the beauty of sexual liberation, the more and the harder we will fuck.

Now with all the gay-shame out there it might be difficult for us to achieve this task, so I am going to need your help. The more you see articles denouncing the “depravity of gay pride, or the more you see the right wing freaking out about gay sex – you too should fuck more. And explore more. Oh yeah, and get out there and talk about sex too.

We queer people need to put an end to sexual shame. Gay sex shame hinders the fight against HIV/AIDS.


Sandouri Dean Bey said...

that's hot. i mean it's serious, but it's hot too :)

i sometimes think that message is more important for the queer community than it is for the straight community. lots of uptight folks in the fold...

Mark D. Snyder said...